Summer Contact: (807)822-2386

Winter Contact: (807)826-1259

Deluxe Cottage $110.00
per day
2 Bedroom Cottage $90.00
per day
1 Bedroom Cottage $70.00
per day


There are six two bedroom cottages of which two are deluxe. The two deluxe cottages have a complete 4 piece bathroom, 2 bedrooms each with queen size beds
and a cot if required. 

* All bookings require a credit card number, and minimum two week notice of cancellation

Canoe rentals, campsite rentals and RV rentals

All the cabins come with linen, pots, pans, and dishes, toaster, and coffee machine, stove, and refrigerator. The regular two bedroom cottages come complete with a 3 piece bath, 2 double beds.
These are also fully equipped plus a walkout view of the quiet river system behind the lodge. There are also two 1-bedroom cottages with 3 piece bathroom, 1 double bed along with similar amenities.
All cottages have satellite TV.

Cottage Rates

Per Week Per Day WLL
$180.00 $40.00 - Hydro and Water
$180.00 $30.00 - Canoes and Paddles
$180.00 $40.00 - RV