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Canadian Custom clearing tips​

North of Superior Circle Route

You could always choose North of Superior Circle Route for your driving alternative 
Click here or on above photo for details 

​Pukaskwa National Park

​Pukaskwa National Park located halfway between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay. It covers 1880 square kilometres of rugged terrain and frigid water along the rocky north shore of Lake Superior the largest fresh water lake in the world. One Click here or on above photo will take you to Pukaskwa National Park web site 

Entering Canada

Canada / US Border usually takes less than 1/2hour to cross except during the summer at which time possibly 1/2hr to an hour make sure you have a bottle of water with you. For current border crossing times follow these links. Border wait time into Canada Border wait times into the United States.
Click here for Border wait times

​more places around Whiteriver

Following links will help you when you are entering to Canada.

some of the links are here to give you idea about spectacular experience of Fishing and Hunting at our location. 

If you like to play golf, there are some golf courses around us